I knew about the practice of blogging on the Internet more than two years ago, but haven’t really got down to begin one for myself until 7 Jan 2008. I can’t use “I’m busy” as an excuse for my tardiness, because I know there are many people who are much busier than I am and yet have been keeping their excellent personal blog(s). Anyway, this post is not meant to justify my tardiness in starting a blog, but to explain why I now want to blog.

The first reason is not to lag behind a young man called Raymond, who has produced a highly readable blog (http://buddhawarrior.wordpress.com/) with this wordpress blogger. Even before Raymond began his blog in August 2006, I had already thought of blogging. By the end of 2007, numerous wonderfully written posts had been put on his blog, which by then had already attracted over twenty thousand hits, and yet my blog was still non-existent. People say men are competitive animals. Perhaps there is some truth in this saying. So my first reason for blogging is: to catch up with Raymond in blogging. I reckon that it’ll take quite a while for my blog to reach the standard of Raymond’s in terms of the posts’ insightfulness, content, and range of topics covered, but somehow I’ll need to make a start if I don’t want to forever lag behind him.

In my next entry, I’ll reveal another reason for my blogging.