To continue with the revelation of why I spend time on blogging, here is my third reason to blog: to make myself write. Wait a minute, isn’t this the second reason for my blogging? Well, yes and no. Yes, but as my second reason, it refers to how often I write: this blog is to serve to make me write more often than I would normally do. No, because as my third reason, it refers to providing me a platform to express my thoughts and feelings about a wider range of issues than I would do so without it.

I’m a person who has his own views on almost anything, and such views are often unconventional. I enjoy expressing my views on things. Yet, being at the same time also a person rather sensitive to other people’s feelings, I normally don’t want to make other people listen to my views, in case they would get bored with my ‘lecturing’. Not my students (when I used to teach), because as a teacher I knew my duties were anything but making my students listen to my unconventional views on various things. Not my wife, nor my son, despite their being the persons closest to me — my wife has sacrificed enough for me in other areas of her life for being with me for the past twenty odd years, and after all she has listened to my comments on this and on that with more patience than any wife should be expected to have, and my son is a teenager who deserves freedom from being lectured by his old man. What about my friends? Aren’t one’s friends supposed to be one’s good listeners? Well, sometimes I do tell (nowadays mostly via emails) them my feelings and thoughts about certain issues. Yet the problem is that when I do so, it would make them feel obliged to respond. On the other hand, through blogging, I can write my thoughts and feelings on almost anything, and thus fulfill my desire to express, without having to worry about whether I’m boring my wife, or my son, or my friends, because, first, they won’t have to listen to or read such thoughts and feelings, and, second, even if they come across my posts on this blog, they can choose to leave this blog anytime they want, without having to worry about whether they would hurt my feelings by exercising their right to freedom. For instance, right now, if they’re reading this post, they can choose to leave it regardless of up to which part they have read. I wouldn’t know, and so I wouldn’t get hurt. But if I’m telling them my views on things in a face-to-face context, or over the phone, or even via email, it’d be hard for them to turn away from me without fearing the likelihood of hurting my feelings. And on my part, I don’t want to have them to experience such fear.

Therefore, one has reasons to believe that by blogging, one’s relationship with one’s family and friends would not be jeapardized because of one’s desire to express, which would be fulfilled by this Internet platform. Hence this third reason for my blogging.

There is a fourth reason why I blog. But before I write about that, I’ll tell how I feel about the Chinese New Year in my next post, partly because in Chinese culture tomorrow is the Chinese New Year day for the Year of the Rat, partly because such a diversion serves to illustrate this third reason for blogging that I’ve just put forward.